Friday, August 15, 2008

Warning: Irreverence Ahead

Since we're still looking for an experienced pastor and an elder to lead discussions/Q&A on occasional Fridays (hint hint!) I thought I'd post some Friday humor this week.

Many of you are probably familiar with The Onion, America's Finest News Source. The Onion is a satirical publication, entirely fictional, frequently hilarious, occasionally offensive, and always over-the-top.

But did you know that there's a similar publication for Christians? A Good Source for Christian News is just such a place.

Feeling cynical? The website is always good for a laugh.

This week's headlines include:
Third Day, Superchick involved in most polite band feud ever
NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Third Day and Superchick have become involved in what appears to be the first Christian band feud.
It began when CCM magazine ran comments by Third Day frontman Mac Powell who said he "expected more" from Superchick’s latest release.
"I’m just saying that as a band we’re praying that they will reach their full musical potential in Christ," Powell was quoted as saying. "Don’t get me wrong, their music is great. But we wonder if it could be just a little bit better."

While you're visiting the site, be sure to take the EQ (How Evangelical Are You?) quiz. (It turns out that I'm "Backslidden" this week. I wonder if that has anything to do with the Sunday School class I'm preparing.)

In conclusion, are you familiar with the comedy duo God's Pottery? If not, you should be! Their performance in the "Yo Mama" competition on Last Comic Standing earlier this summer was . . . inspired. "Your mother is so pretty. . . " There was no way for the other the guy to compete against that!

(Since I linked to that video clip, I have to register my disapproval of the "short bus" visual joke NBC thinks is so hilarious.)

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paulboal said...

Backslidden -- me, too.

If only I could backslide!

Thanks for the laughs.