Thursday, September 21, 2006

Friday Review . . . Colors and Light on Vocations

When I told Miranda I would do a Friday Review, I intended to focus on books, movies, etc. that were already referenced in Ring member blogs. I wanted to see if that would generate some communication between blogs. Of course, the problem with that is I have to find books being talked about, then find the book, read it and think up something to say about it. That needs lead time, and it is amazing how quickly Friday turns up. Well, in my quest through blogs last week I ran across a lengthy and thoughtful discussion of a book on Christian vocations on the blog Colors and Light.

Starting Thursday September 7, 2006 and running through Friday September 15, 2006, Colors and Light discusses Vocation: Discerning our Callings in Life by Douglas Schuurman. Colors and Light introduces the topic by saying:
Since we affirm the priesthood of believers, it seems that the Protestant church has no more pressing call than to equip its members to find their priesthood in everyday life.
We talk about needing to find a deeper sense of commitment and awareness of needing to carry our faith outside of church and into the rest of our lives. The Friday September 8 installment begins with a quote:
. . . . many Christians fail to see most of their lives in terms of vocation. . . . Many also assume that 'hearing' God's call is an extraordinary, miraculous event, and so fail to discern God's callings in their lives.
Colors and Light has spent a lot of time addressing this book and its ideas. There are seven different blog entries, all consecutive. The first two: "What's Your Vocation?" and "Where's the Burning Bush?" are linked to above. The remaining five are: "Business is a Holy Calling", "Modern Challenges to Vocation", Two Kinds of Calling", "The Biblical Evidence of Two Kinds of Call" and "Reorientation".

Check them out.


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