Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Hope After All

When I arrived in Fayetteville NC this weekend, I quickly assumed my role as a roadie for my favorite band Third Day. These guys know just how to put on a show, creating a church service complete with Max Lucado as the worship leader. The early part of the day was spent setting up, particularly the band’s merchandise. We finished in time to break for dinner before returning at 6 p.m. to finalize any last minute details, catch the show, then pack up after and head home. This was a great experience to get in on the behind-the-scenes activity of a major Christian rock group, especially one that seems to stay at the top of the charts. But all of this did not even provide the highlight of the event for me.

To my astonishment, there were so many teenagers and parents mingling with the crowd, enjoying the sounds, very loud sounds, of the bands before the main attraction. And get this; they did not even have earphones hanging from their ears, reminiscent of scenes I have encountered where this particular group is wondering, clueless to their surroundings. These teens were actually interacting with their surroundings, and even their parents. It was a great environment to be in, feeling the spirit take hold in a concert hall. This was the main attraction for me, to see this group interact, participate, engage and enjoy. This particular scene was comforting to me, one that gave me hope that all was not lost on this age group quickly approaching adulthood.

One other small event took place that also seemed to stand out for me. This particular situation presented itself when all of the volunteers scheduled to help with the event did not make it. We had extra tickets that were given to us in order to provide all volunteers with access to the show. When we discovered the extras, I quickly went to the ticket window where I found a young couple ready to spend a lot of money to see their favorite bands. I made my way over to them and offered them the two tickets. They looked at me very strangely, as if the “concert police” were looming around the corner waiting to pounce. When I finally convinced them of the situation, they graciously accepted and entered the coliseum. Fortunately, their seats where in our section, and they enjoyed the show with our group.

These contemporary Christian concerts are the most rewarding and rejuvenating events I can ever attend. I plan to attend them when situations and finances allow, taking in the great music, the great company, and the Holy Spirit as they all play a part in making these shows such joyous events. But the most joyous part of the event for me is that the youth and parents who attend these shows are so involved that it gives me “hope after all.”

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