Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Monday Blog Club

Serve yourself a slice of turkey with all the trimmings, sit down, and enjoy catching up with a few blogs this week. Today we have a collection of three new and/or updated blogs for the web ring.

1) Very Truly Blessed: Striving for a servant's heart, Christian blog by Gail:
Very Truly Blessed is a blog about life being rediscovered in the guise of a small Presbyterian Church. Away from any church for years and years, I found a small church 1 block from my house, a few months after my Mother died. Today, the Christ, the church and my family are the center of my life. I have been in the Sashabaw Presbyterian Church now for almost 4 years. I started going with my oldest daughter. I was reserved. After a few months I became a Presbyterian and joined the Church. The next year, my husband and I took over the building and grounds duty, and the next year, I became a elder. At the same time of this process, I rediscovered the piano and now am the backup musician for Sunday morning. In addition, I have the honor of teaching the elementary age kids in Sunday School. Sashabaw Presbyterian has truly been a blessing in my life. The church brought both myself and my family closer to God and to the community in which we live. My husband who had never in his life attended Church now attends on a regular basis. We are indeed very truly blessed.

2) Robert's Musings by Robert Shaw:
Life is much more enjoyable when read with the lens of Scripture and Scripture becomes all the more powerful when read with the lens of current events. Robert Shaw, pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Winfield, Indiana, post his reflections each Wednesday morning. Each entry begins with an excerpt from the applicable readings in the Daily Lectionary. His reflections look for the intersection of current events and Scripture. New entries are announced via Twitter (christpresbycp) and his Facebook account. The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) posts the Daily Lectionary at: Robert Shaw is am looking for a few other Presbyterian bloggers who would help him extend this exercise to a new daily blog. We would read each other's entries and provide encouragement and comments. Hopefully a combined effort would yield greater readership which would increase visibility and thereby spread the gospel to people beyond the fringes of the church. His biography and contact information is available at

3) And, finally this week, we have Robin at Metanoia. Robin describes herself as a married mom of three. Elder and Candidate for Ordination in the PC(USA). Almost brand-new M.Div. Spiritual Director in the Ignatian tradition. Writer, photographer, canoer, hiker, voracious reader ~ and someone who knows the beach is the best. Metanoia is her non-anonymous blog.

Welcome, bloggers and readers, new and old! Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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