Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday --Adult Education

A couple of years ago I was surfing the internet looking for ideas for a short-term adult Sunday School class and found The Wired Word.

This is a subscription service that emails a lesson based on current events (which can also be feature stories as well as news stories) to the class leader each week. The lesson includes a leader's guide, with appropriate scripture references, for class discussion. There is a shorter participant guide that can be emailed to the class members and printed for use on that day.

I used the lessons with a class during the summer session and have also found them very handy to use when you just need a "bridge" of week or two between longer study topics. One of my friends took the idea to her husband, whose Sunday School class has happily used The Wired Word as its curriculum for the past two years.

This is a non-denominational curriculum and it is quite affordable since the subscription is $70 per year for the church. Since the past lessons are archived on the website, the class leader can go back and use another lesson if they don't like the topic for the week. Check it out!

PresbyBlogger's Book Club will return next week when John Shuck will host discussion of our October selection The View From the Center of the Universe: Discovering Our Place in the Cosmos by John Primac. See the sidebar for more information about this book. You still have time to read it and join in next Thursday's discussion!

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