Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday Blog Club

Welcome to the newest member of our web ring and blog roll, Tangerine Lizard of Christ plays in Ten Thousand places.

I hope to offer new and personal intuitions and insights into old stories and contemporary events. I am a Minister within the Uniting Presbyterian Church in South Africa (UPCSA)in active early retirement, ordained in 1985 and having served congregations in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The title of my blog Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places is taken from Gerard Manly Hopkins poem entitled "As Kingfishers catch flame," which stresses the individual yet manifold expression of 'selves being Self in Christ. Eugene Peterson’s “conversation in spiritual theology” found in in his book "Christ Plays in Ten Thousand Places" is another foundational text for me. This emphasizes my belief that God is at work in Christ through the Holy Spirit outside the Church -even at work in what we consider may "counter" and "strange" (also Gerard Manly Hopkins) My interests are particularly in new interpretations and expressions of the evangelical Christian faith, and how these impact on the local church and community - or not.

Glad to have your voice here!

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