Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting Ready

When we are running around the house in the morning getting ourselves ready for work, school or other planned activities for the day, we lose ourselves in the moment. We just need to get to the next task of getting dressed, eating breakfast or something that resembles it, getting the kids off to school, or getting ourselves up and off to school, and other daily routines. We seem to get lost in the manic race of daily life, leaving no quality time to spend reaching out to Christ for His help in all of this rat race. We need to make sure we are getting ready for our next assignment, our next “job opportunity,” our next appointment, and the list could go on and on. If we allow ourselves to continue down this dangerous path, we will find that we are no longer giving to God what is rightfully his; our lives. We need to spend more time “getting ready” to meet with our God, to bow before Him and rejoice in being His.

When I begin to write these blogs, I’m always humming a Christian tune. This evening, I began humming a song by the group Casting Crowns. Their familiar hit “Till the Whole World Hears” reminds me that we need to always be in the mode of “getting ready” by preparing our lives to stand before God. As God’s children, we will be called on to shout to the World His goodness and mercy. Are we ready to take up our megaphones and shout to the world around us that Christ is King and that He is the truth and the Light? We need to be doing things that demonstrate this each and every day. We should not take the chance of waiting until later to take up His cause, but rather living it out, shouting it so the “whole world hears.”

As I sit at my laptop and type these blogs, I have to think about how God wants me to live a life that is worthy of His love. I often try to discern just how I should be “getting ready” for my next assignment. God has given me the patience to wait, to just continue on my journey until He sends me in another direction. But until then, I will continue to ready myself and others around me for His grand entrance into this troubled world. We need to prepare, to create an environment that God would be pleased to be a part of. When He returns, we need to make sure He will look at all of our preparation, our “getting ready” and say “Good job my faithful servants.” Then we will fully understand, we will have accomplished His goal of getting everyone ready to assume our next role in His production. We will be “lifting up your name for all to hear the sound.” Then we will know that we have shouted "until the whole world hears."

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