Monday, June 14, 2010

A Round of Applause

Applause Pictures, Images and Photos Many, many thanks to Quotidian Grace, JusticeSeeker, and Pinkhammer for their work with Wednesday (or Thursday) Read and Learn posts on this blog.

Our faithful - and, in the case of Jody and Elaine, longterm - bloggers are ready for a rest.

So today I'd like to express my appreciate for all of their hard work and valuable contributions.

Thank you!

I'd also like to ask the rest of this community - fellow bloggers, readers, Presbyterians, fans, friends, foes - what you'd like to see in the Wednesday space.  Is Adult Ed still of interest?  Or is there another topic more compelling for us today?

Are there any volunteers for the Wednesday spot?  Perhaps a monthly blogger interested in moving to a weekly column?

Please send your responses, requests, and interests to  

Thanks again, Quotidian Grace, JusticeSeeker, and Pinkhammer!

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