Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Accentuate the Positive

In this day and age, it is extremely difficult to remain positive among so many negative influences in our lives. Just ten minutes of any news show will demonstrate this problem, illustrating a world of violence, poverty, sickness and many other pictures of a world in turmoil. This can take its toll on the average viewer, creating a feeling of despair and a lack of hope that tops all others. Just take a look at the 6 o’clock news this evening and you will see what I mean. But wait, hang on, it’s not all bad. Hang on and the more positive stories will show up at the end of the newscast. These are the “good citizen” type stories where they feature some great thing the average citizen has done to improve the life of others. Why are the stories featuring a good deed placed in the final minutes of the news show? It’s because we hunger for the bad, we want to be shocked and amazed at the horrible things people do to others. We get excited when there is a plane crash, war, death or other negative happenings, and get bored with the good stuff. We overwrite all of the negativity with the answer that someone else will deal with those things, that those things are the problem of others much more influential than we are. Amazing isn’t it?

As Christians and consumers, we need to voice our opposition to the greater emphasis placed on the negative, and support those who accentuate the positive. The next time you sit down at your computer, send an email to your local TV or Newspaper and praise them for the positive stories featured at the end of their newscasts or buried in the middle of the newspaper, with emphasis on “at the end” and “buried in the middle.” (sarcasm noted) This may just send the message that the consumer is very tired of hearing and reading all of the negative, shock and awe stories at the beginning of the show or paper. It’s time we accentuate the positive using our might as Christians and consumers to change the way people think about our society.

I’m of the opinion that this could create a more positive outlook for some, maybe even changing the way the world looks at us. If we as a society manage to focus on the good versus the bad, then the rest of the world may take notice, and maybe even begin to accentuate the positive. It is also my opinion that God did not intend for His children to be overwhelmed with the sinful nature of the world, but to be blanketed with the good, and to demonstrate these good deeds over and over as we all attempt to become Christ like. How can we accomplish this if we are not separating ourselves from all the negative, sinful aspects of our world?

Take time to influence your world today and “accentuate the positive.”

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