Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Read and Learn -- Holy Week is Over

Holy Week is over. Sleep has happened. Staff meetings have happened. So, how'd it go?

This year my church added a sunrise service. I don't recall ever having had one before. A friend of mine looked at the location, the time, the circumstances and dressed appropriately -- blue jeans and a sweat shirt. She felt a tad bit conspicuous. The rest of the attendees were dressed like proper Presbyterians on EASTER for crying out loud. When she has told this to friends and family, the response has invariably been, "What WERE you thinking? It was (insert name of traditional Presbyterian church) on EASTER!"

Matters of dress aside, she loved the service, and it was very well attended. Over all, attendance was up over last year pretty substantially. Of course, the weather was better than last year too. We also made significant changes to the Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services -- all of which seemed to work, and none of which seemed radically different -- even though some of it was.

So, how was your Holy Week? Did you try anything new?


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