Monday, April 26, 2010

Cool Blog!

Welcome to the Monmouth Presbytery Mission Cafe!

"The Monmouth Presbytery Mission Cafe is one blog in our medley of blogs; it has stories about our mission at the congregation, presbytery, presbytery partnership, and world mission levels. All congregations in the presbytery are encouraged to share stories about what they're doing. We have had some great stories, all of which can be accessed by clicking on the "Monmouth Congregations" label on the site or going to Monmouth Presbytery has an initiative to get every congregation connected to a PC(USA) mission co-worker by the end of 2010 so we expect to have more on that as the year goes on. We also use the site as a place to post news as it comes in, not only from congregations but from the Synod and GA. For example, when the Board of Pensions sends its newsletter, we post it on the blog and put a link to the blog in our weekly newsletter. We also post events at Camp Johnsonburg, New Jersey's camp, and Stony Point Center, a national conference center in Stony Point, NY. There are also links to other sites and live feeds from the Presbyterian News Service and World Mission Watch."

Recent posts cover Bread for the World, Cents-Ability, Westminster’s PAR Garden, and protecting human rights in the Philippines. Beside the posts are a blog roll, links to Presbyterian News Service, World Mission Watch highlights, and Newsletters from PC(USA) Mission Workers. What a useful site! Thanks, Monmouth Presbytery.


Stushie said...

Thanks for the updates on new blogs, Saralynn. It's great to see new Presbyterian bloggers.

I think it's also about time that we updated the list...there's quite a few that haven't blogged for over a year, and even one that hasn't blogged for four years! Shouldn't we purge the list and get rid of those old redundant links?


Sarahlynn said...

Stushie, I absolutely agree. I do try to remove blogs that have been inactive for a year or more and we were overdue for a spring cleaning. I keep older blogs them archived here:

Older or less active blogs

Please let me know if you notice any other inactive blogs (besides Miranda's) or if we've got any dead links.