Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lenten Prayer and Study Resources

Lent is almost here! Some of you may be looking for some resources for small group study or prayer for the Lenten season.

So...let's share! What are you using this year, or have you used in the past, that you can recommend to others?

The PCUSA publication Presbyterians Today offers a Lenten Devotional Guide. Justice Seeker recommends the prayer guide on Sacred Space. This site also has a self-directed one day retreat you may want to look at. The Upper Room offers a free Lenten devotional study guide each year that can be used with a small group. Here's the link to the 2010 study.

Some churches write their own Lent devotions or studies for their congregations. If yours does, and it is available on the church website, please share it in the comments!

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Sarahlynn said...

Thank you for the reminders! I've used Sacred Space for Advent before; I want to check out the materials for Lent.