Monday, January 04, 2010

Happy New Year!

MB at 1000 thoughts/second is doing something new with her blog this year.

A New Way of Being: Living 2010 as a Spiritual Practice

After years of thinking that the ideal life is one that is authentic, fully integrated and non-compartmentalized, I've begun to see the limitations of that short (though worthy of pursuit) list. This year I am going to experiment with living all of life - as a whole - as a spiritual practice. I'm guessing in many ways this will be similar to beginning an intentional practice of living a more contemplative life.

"1000 thoughts per second" is definitely the way my brain works, so I am very interested in finding ways both to intentionally slow down and to effectively use my brain's natural way of processing information. Some of my content will be related to these 1000 thoughts per second and some will be specifically oriented to this journey toward Living 2010. Your ideas for being faithful stewards of a more intentional way of living are welcome in the comments. Or email me if you have something you'd like me to read or to comment on.

Peace & Presence, MB

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Elaine said...

I posted this on your blog, too; and then, thought since the post is a few days old that I would add it here as well.

Have you actually written a rule or are you planning on winging it? Is there something in between the two?

Norman, Oklahoma