Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Read and Learn: Angels and Demons, Book or Movie?

This summer brings another Dan Brown novel to a movie theater near you. Angels and Demons, published in 2000, is the prequel to his controversial (and wildly successful) book The DaVinci Code. The story line of both books revolves around conflicts between science and religion, and religion is represented in both by the Roman Catholic church.

PresbyBlogger John Edward Harris (Summit to Shore) posted a review of the movie version and compared it favorably to the book.

Although I haven't seen Angels and Demons yet, I did read the book and also read The DaVinci Code and saw the movie version.

I thought Angels and Demons was a better book than Da Vinci Code, but agree with Harris that the movie version of DaVinci Code was not as good as the book.

If you read either of these books or saw either of the movie versions (or both) what's your opinion?


Joan Calvin said...

I read Angels and Demons some time ago, but what I remember is that the science is as bad in A & D as the religion is in the DaVinci Code. Be warned. (I majored in chemistry, have a grad degree with half the courses in physics and taught high school chemistry and physics)

Viola Larson said...

I have not read Angels & Demons but I do have a book review of The Da Vinci Code at

I had just finished taking a class on Church history at Fuller when I read the book and was fascinated by the history of the Crusades so I just had to write.

Stushie said...

I saw the movie last week and the science has been up dated. It's a very clever countdown thriller and in my opinion is much better than the DVC.

Anonymous said...

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