Monday, April 27, 2009

Welcome Mat

Welcome to Tami from Christ Unite, where she blogs about her quest to get fit and healthy over the course of the next year.

Also welcome to That Long Haired Guy from Kansas, as he starts his new blog, Growing in Faith. This Presbyterian lay preacher in today's world says, "I am a native Kansan and have been a Presbyterian all my life. I grow in my faith on a daily basis and I realize that my faith journey is far from complete. God has blessed me with a wonderful friend/wife and two great children. All that I have is a gift from God, because I know I have done nothing to earn anything I have."

Welcome new Presbyterian bloggers!

Also, we might be developing a couple of gaps in our regular line-up. Are there any dependable, regular bloggers out there who'd be interested in writing the occasional piece for the PC(USA) Blog? Perhaps a round-up of religious and faith-related articles in the news, like Stushie posted on Saturday. Or a weekly highlight of Joyful News in Ministry, great things going on within our denomination, as John Shuck used to write. Or a column about being a seminarian or being a new pastor, tossed into the fray. Post a response in the comments section to this post if you're interested or have any exciting ideas. Thanks!


Stushie said...

How about trying to get Whitney of Glimpses of Grace to write a regular report from Belfast in Northern Ireland? She writes some great posts and her photos are terrific.

Quotidian Grace said...

Great idea. Whitney is from my presbytery--was ordained last year in fact.

John Edward Harris said...

I think Whitney might be on the road, traveling back to the US for a short visit.