Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ten Posts You May have Missed

Presbyterian Bloggers has some great writers in its ring. Perhaps you haven't had the chance to read some of them. Here's what I consider to be amongst some of the best for this week.

Jan Edmiston over at A Church for Starving Artists has posted a blog about the newly discovered Scottish singer Susan Boyle and her quote that she’s never been kissed. Jan weaves the blog into a clever post about how we’ve all been kissed by Judas.

Encounter with the Gardener is Carl Wilton’s latest post after Easter. In it, Carl writes about John’s depiction of Christ as gardener after the Resurrection and the Genesis story of the Garden of Eden. Carl asks if John the Gospel writer is symbolically telling us something about Christ cultivating our spirits.

Train your body…prepare your soul is this year’s motto of the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon that Adam Copeland is training for. Over at his A Wee Blether blog, Adam writes a post called “Jogging My Memory- I May Have Lost It.” In it, he states that he’s hooked on marathon training and how much Adam is looking forward to running in October of this year.

Bill Tammeus’s post, Facing Up To Differences, is about how we each see religious art differently. He writes about his recent visit to a sacred art exhibition and how different people respond individually to the 200 pieces art on display. Some find the works profound and deeply moving, whilst others only give a casual glance. Bill ponders if this is how we similarly respond to the sacred scriptures and holy rituals.

The future of Evangelicals and evangelism is discussed in John Schroeder’s blog, “Blogotional.” He writes about the need for institutionalism to secure evangelism in the years ahead. John’s blog also contains some great artwork and references to comic book heroes.

Rev Kim has an interesting post about John Madden’s retirement. In it, she writes about her admiration and respect for this great American football icon. Kim is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan, but she has loved the hard work, grit and super analysis that Madden has shown in the commentary box. Like many other Americans, she will miss this giant commentator in the history of the game.

Discernment is a rare and hard to handle gift from God. Nancy over at the Conversation in Faith weblog ponders when and where God has given her discernment in her calling. It’s a problem that all called people experience and she writes about how she wrestles with this gift. It’s an important subject that we all should take time to read and reflect upon.

The issued about violence among today’s youth is posed over at Stewart Pollock’s insightful blog, Not So Reserved Pastor. Stewart writes about the recent discussion at his presbytery where the Peacemaking Panel made a presentation on this very serious subject. Stewart challenges all of us and our churches to confront this culture of violence in all of our communities.

Jody Harrington of Quotidian Grace posts a history lesson for the Governor of Texas. The Governor recently stated that secession for the state of Texas could not be ruled out. Jody sets him straight on what the original Joint Resolution of 1845 actually expresses. Don’t mess with Texas Presbyterians, Guvn’r!

I may not agree with him many times, but I certainly wouldn’t ignore him. John Shuck is always interesting to read, no matter what the subject. As usual, he tackles denominational, religious, and political issues every week. His post about the tax protests this week has already stirred up a heated discussion (mea culpa – mea maxima culpa). So, if you like your theological wheetoos mixed up with some spice and broken glass, John’s blog may be your cup of tea.


Quotidian Grace said...

Wonderful roundup, Stushie! I'm going to check out a lot of these posts.

And many thanks for mentioning one of mine...

John Shuck said...

Hey Stushie!

I saw this first on your blog and didn't know you posted this here as well.

I echo QG. Thanks for the paragraph about me and thanks for the other links as well and especially for taking the time to acknowledge the Presby bloggers.

You are a good egg.