Thursday, July 31, 2008

Introducing Read and Learn Thursdays!

Welcome to Presbyterian Bloggers' new Thursday feature Read and Learn!

Plans for the feature include the formation of book club for the webring, as well as book, movie, television and magazine article reviews plus suggestions for your church adult study groups. Your hosts for this feature are Quotidian Grace (Jody Harrington) and Justice Seeker (Elaine Dowling).

Here's the monthly schedule of topics we have planned:

First Thursdays-- Book Club
Second Thursdays -- Book, Movie, TV and Article Reviews
Third Thursdays-- Adult Study Group Ideas
Fourth Thursdays-- Book, Movie, TV and Article Reviews

We would love to have our fellow PresbyBloggers send us book, movie, TV and article reviews for the feature as well. If you'd like to submit a review for Thursday's Read and Learn feature leave a comment here and give us a contact email for you or email Your suggestions for books for the book club or reviews or for movie/tv show/article reviews are also appreciated.

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