Thursday, July 24, 2008

Blogger's Reformed and It's About Time for a New Reformating

My Fellow Presby Bloggers,

It is have been over a year since my last post (I think) and I have been putting this off for to long. I need to hand over the responsibility of maintaining our little web site to someone else. I think that our community has a place on the web and in our denomination but I am no longer able to take part in it as I once was. If no one steps forward I will have to seriously consider the future of this site. I would really like for Presby Bloggers to continue without me. So I ask all of you who regularly contribute our community to prayerfully consider stepping up to the keyboard and helping this web site become everything I think that it could be. If you think that you might be willing to take on this responsibility please send me an email and Presby Bloggers can get about reforming the web.

Thank You,


Anonymous said...

Miranda, Stushie is the obvious choice. I, obviously, don't have time to do much at all; but I will babysit for a while if no one else can be found.

I've missed having you around.


Stushie said...

Miranda, I want to thank you for the vision of setting up this blog in the first place. It was greatly innovative of you and a credit to your creativity.

I'd personally like to see a whole team of people, with different views, admin the site. I've been contributing regularily just to keep interest going so that others could use the page as a springboard to the excellent bloggers listed on the blogroll.

I know that John Shuck would be interested and possibly Saralynn.

Sarahlynn said...

Miranda, I'm glad to see you back at the blog!

I have long been a very regular visitor to the blog and I really appreciated the vision you laid out for this place, as a forum for topical discussion.

Because the email address for the WebRing was inactive/bouncing back, I requested the Ringsurf people let me have access to that account so that I could approve new applicants for the ring (which I have been doing).

I have long been interested in expanding the conversation here to include many voices, and have suggested several over the past few years. I am very much enjoying the posts from other PCUSA bloggers that Stushie has included here recently.

Before that started, wanting to see a larger conversation and unable to contact you, I started another PCUSA blog, this one with several contributors (currently two pastors, two elders, and one lay member) representing different ages and viewpoints.

Presbyterians Blogging

I would love to be an administrator of this blog, and would be happy to fold the two blogs together into one robust blog representing all PCUSA Presbyterians.

In fact, I think a rotational schedule of contributors on specific days would be a good way to encourage the development of this space, and I would be happy to organize that.

If you do decide to shutter this site, I will continue the other one and keep the webring active. I do believe that this web community has an important place in the ministry of our denomination.

Thank you for all of your work creating this valuable space!

Miranda said...

Stushie I have given you administrative privliages. Sarahlynn I don't have your email, Stushie if you have you can know add her. If you don't Sarahlynn if you could send it Stushie he can then add you. Thank you both and JusticeSeeker for you willing to step up. I know you all have great ideas and will do amazing things with the site.

Thank you again

Sarahlynn said...

I am


Quotidian Grace said...

I will be glad to help as needed, also.

You can contact me at: jody dot harrington at gmail dot com.

Miranda, I hope all is well with you! Thank you for creating this webring.

John Shuck said...

I am glad to see this is working out, and again, kudos to Stushie for keeping it going.

I'd be happy to add a voice:

johnashuck at embarqmail dot com

Reyes-Chow said...

Hey all - Since this seems like the most complete and well-rounded list of PC(USA) Bloggers, I would love to help in any way that I can. Bruce

Stushie said...

I'm just back from a week in Blacksburg, VA. I'll try sending an email to all of you tomorrow and we can work out a rotation of writers and responsibilities.

Thanks again Miranda for creating this much needed space and presbyterian presence on the web. God bless you.

paulboal said...

Stushie - as soon as you and Sarahlynn get the rotation worked out, I'd like to be included as a contributor if possible, too. My blogger ID is