Friday, May 11, 2007

Friday Review. . . . Research Resources

As Church communications are becoming more and more electronic, I thought it might be useful to see if I could get a collaberative effort going to list available online resources for Bible Study and research links. Next week, I will do sources for online devotionals, meditations and prayers.

I am finding that for a variety of reasons it is becoming more and more useful to be able to e-mail a link to an article, a commentary, a map without having to scan a paper copy or worry about copright.

Here are a few of the resources that I use:

Textweek -- This is a huge resource organized by scripture passage that includes links to commentaries, dictionaries, articles, all kinds of things.

Online Study Bible -- A little on the fundamental side, but quite useful.

House Church Architecture -- Posted this morning on member blog, Kruse Kronicle is a nice description of 1st century residential architecture useful in discussion of 1st Century house churches.

Chrisitianity Today -- This web page is almost completely searchable and has a huge archive of articles. -- This web page includes multiple translations, an online concordance, some cross-refernences and commentaries and multiple other resources. -- I haven't spent much time here, it is clearly more conservative than I; but it does at least appear to offer a wide variety of resources including some self-study theology work and other things not frequently found other places. It is on my list to check out more fully the next time I have some free time. . . .

Bible and -- This is a resource from Christianity Today that includes Bible Study tools, apologetics, devotionals, even small group curriculum. I haven't spent much time here, but I would love to hear from anyone who has. -- This site offers the ability to search multiple translations by keyword.

Virtual Salt -- This is a links page to a variety of Bible study resources available on the web that includes most of what I have listed above plus some.

So, what do you use?


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