Monday, March 06, 2006

Theological Question of the Week

Which church would Jesus go to? Presbyterian? Catholic? Non-Denominational? Mormon? Or would Jesus join a church at all? What church would Jesus never step foot in?


DennisS said...

Seems that the question doesn't make sense. Jesus would go where there are people, and wouldn't label them - nor would he be labeled/confined by them. Jesus would be the one teaching, not the one being taught.

If you are asking which denomination is most Christ-like, that's a very difficult question. Most likely, the answer depends upon the affiliation of the one answering the question.

Anonymous said...

Denniss is right.
Jesus would tell us to be the church.

Pappy McVulgar said...

MMMMMMM...Jesus would call us to rebel againts the culture to which Jesus found himself in. Meaning that what ever the audiance hearing the teachings of Christ there would be a desire to stir in them the seed for insurection of the status quo and a coming of the Kingdom of God. If this means to join or call out any denomination Jesus would proclaim we cannot serve two masters.
I long for the day when Christian is just Christian absent of denomination and subitted unto Christ fully...what dreams one may have...even dillusion you could say. Maybe not?
Is there room for all denominations? all understandings? all perspectives? all leanings?