Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Practicality of the Bible

When I overhear they younger generation discussing the Holy Bible, I often hear references to the age of the book and to the question of meaning for today’s world. Most wonder how a book written by over forty different people over two thousand years ago could be practical to today's issues. This subject is often debated in our churches, with the discussions centering on the inerrancy and shear truths that make up God’s Holy Word. It is one thing to discuss just how these words directed and disciplined the Jews and Gentiles some 2000years ago, yet it is another to explain how these same words can give us guidance that applies to situations today. In my opinion, I feel that this is just what we need, just when we need it.

All one needs to do is to take a thirty minute tour through the Book of Proverbs to see and hear the wisdom that applied then, yet still applies to this day and age. In fact, the very first Proverb gives us great instruction on what we need to do in order to please our God. It discusses everything from obeying our parents to dealing with the evils of peer pressure. The last time I checked, this would be a great lesson for our teenagers of today. The Bible has been around for two thousand years, and continues to be the most read book on the market. The only thing we leave out is taking the knowledge we gain and applying it. If we could only convince our younger generation to actually read God’s Word, and take some of it to heart, we would have much fewer issues of delinquency and loss of parental rights that take place in our courtrooms.

I have had the privilege, or as some would say the punishment of working in the Juvenile Court System for a short time. This is the biggest eye opener that anyone needs in order to wake them up to what’s actually happening, as opposed to what they believe is happening. The growing number of cases on the docket is just one indicator that we have a serious problem. We also have what could be described as the solution to the problem, but it’s not allowed in the schools and classrooms where these young people get there guidance on how to live their lives. We need to take a hard look at where our society is headed, with these “gen-X” and “gen-Y” individuals looking to become our next batch of corporate executives and government leaders. Just take a look around at all the negative influences that prey on our young people today, then take a look at our defenses we use against peer pressure, broken homes and poverty. We seem to be out-gunned and short of qualified troops to deal with these issues. Yet while all of this is happening, we are quick to send aid to foreign countries and provide huge bailouts to the fortune 500 companies. I’m not sure about you, but I fail to see the logic in this.

But hey, I’m just a simple citizen trying to figure out why our government leaders and corporate "big shots" choose to operate in a manner that does not reflect the quote that permeates our society "in God we trust." The book of Proverbs reminds us to “trust in the Lord with all your heart, lean not on your own understanding.” (Ps 3:5) I see great practicality in these words. I’m not sure where the confusion lies. There is nothing impractical about knowing God, trusting God and adhering to His guidance and discipline.

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