Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Review. . . Sacred Space

Too often for me Advent is crazy busy instead of a time for peaceful reflection and preparation.

Can you find a day for Advent?
Probably not.

Can you find 10 minutes?

Log on to It will walk you through ten minutes of peaceful prayer.

Have more time? For Advent and again for Lent, the Irish Jesuits who run Sacred Space post a one-day, self-directed retreat for each season. I have used the retreat materials and found them valuable.

More than that, though, I try to remember Sacred Space each day. It isn't just for Advent and Lent. The pretty picture on the front page, the calmness of the web page, the thoughtfulness of the devotional writing, the Prayer Guide available on each page have made a space in my day throughout the year.

So far this web page has had more than 21.8 million visits, and it is available in more than 20 languages.

Anyone else visit Sacred Space?


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Anonymous said...

Ah spam!

I love Sacred Space. Sometimes I print out the prayers and take them with me when I go for my morning walk.