Monday, October 02, 2006

Monday Question of the Week . . . Who Would You Be

Sorry for the late post it has been a busy day. Currently at my church our head of staff is in the middle of sermon series. To accompany the series he created a study guide for our small groups as well as for personal study. The past weeks text was Mark 14:3-9. One of the questions for reflection was this: using Mark’s account, where would you position yourself in this story? So I really started to think about it. Who would I be in this story? If I got to choose who I was I of course would be Mary but in all honestly I really don’t think that’s who I would. I unfortunately think that I would be the women in the corner wishing I was Mary because I was too afraid to make such a bold statement.
So here is the question of the week, who would you be in this story?

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John Shuck said...

Hi Miranda,

Good question. I guess I would be Simon the Leper in this story. An outcast, unclean, and incredibly honored to host Jesus in my home.

John Shuck