Sunday, January 15, 2006

Discussion topic from Quotidian Grace

Quotidian Grace wrote:

At my church we planned an in-depth study of the PUP [Peace, Unity, & Purity] report which is being conducted in one of our Sunday School classes. We began the class two week's ago. I would like to know what other churches are doing this spring to encourage study and discussion of the PUP. Are they doing it in Sunday School or another time? Who is attending? What resources are they using? Is it being led by lay people or clergy? What is the goal of the study? How is the report being received?


thelonebarista said...

My home church seems to be ignoring it. However, I can't be certain because I am in field ed. this year so that limits my involvement there. However, what is also interesting is that my field ed. church hasn't said anything to the church body as a whole and this church is one of the first "More Light" congregations.

Thanks for the topic and the resources. Perhaps I'm the one to get the ball rolling!

Jody Harrington said...

I'll chime in by answering my own questions with what we're doing.

The study is a 12 week study based on all the PUP materials and information, including all their Bible studies. It is being led by an elder who is one of our regular adult SS teachers. Most of the people in the class regularly attend his class but there are a couple of additions. Almost all of the folks attending the study are in the older age group. Our younger couples don't seem very interested and prefer to attend classes on other topics.

The class is going well so far. We aren't sure if it will last the full 12 weeks planned and are prepared to wrap it up sooner if interest flags.

It's interesting that the lonebarista's home church which is a More Light congregation seems to be ignoring the PUP. My church congregation is quite evangelical/conservative and although we're trying to educate the members about PUP in a responsible way, there really isn't a lot of interest. Maybe that's because the report is so dense.

Amy said...

Our church has integrated the report in two ways so far. Last fall we had an evening of discussion on the report Wed night in place of our regular Bible study. Then this past week during our session retreat, we spent several hours going over the report in small groups and then discussing ways as a large group we might educate the congregation on the report. We didn't come up with any concrete education plans but we do have a goal to keep considering how to incorporate some of the information - especially the stuff on good dialogue - in our church life.

Miranda said...

My guess is that most people at my church would be like, "report, what report?" I love them very much and it has been my church home for all of my life but when it comes to "being connected" to the large church, they are pretty much clueless.

Anonymous said...

I am weary of this, to the point of being a poor Presbyter. Didn't even go to the discussion/gathering about this last week. I've passed along all the written materials to elders and others but that's about it.

Jody Harrington said...

A lot of people are wear of this. Including me.