Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday Blog Club

Today's first blog is Mrs.ReverendDr.: The life of a full time, head Pastor's wife, offering a variety of posts about ministry, hospitality and Church-clergy relations in the PC (USA) church. (She now blogs as Coupon Queen at Eerie Deals.) I've followed Mrs.Rev.Dr.'s blog from time to time since she joined the web ring. I find her stories fascinating, as she is a minister's wife and I am a minister's daughter but our experiences are very different! I'm bummed that she's no longer blogging at Mrs.Rev.Dr.

Second is My Farcical Existence by Miranda. Miranda's blog has lain dormant for over two years but remains on our blog roll and always will, since she started the unofficial PC(USA) Blog. If you're curious about our roots, check out the archives here and go read some vintage Miranda. Cheers!

And, finally, we have NeilCraigan.Com: On a journey to become human... Neil is an Irish American pastor living and serving in Minnesota. And he's a runner! (I have a soft spot for distance runners. Had a great time watching my husband finish a Halloween 10k this morning. Wish I had been able to run it, too!) Recent posts on include Thoughts on Presbyterian Worship, Music in Worship, a thought on narratives, and an NPR interview with Peter Himmelman about his priorities as a husband, father, and observant Jew.

Happy reading!

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