Monday, July 12, 2010

Beyond The Salmon of Doubt

In lieu of greeting new members of the web ring today, we gather for a retirement party.

Long time dedicated PCUSA Blogger Stushie has decided not to publish on the unofficial PC(USA) Blog anymore.

I don't always agree with what Stushie has to say, or how he says it, but I admire his convictions and his dedication.

Although I'll miss his Weekly Devotions here, those of us who are interested can find Stushie's writing at:
  • Heaven's Highway: Regular reflections of a Scottish Pastor living in the Bible Belt, including some unique religious art work and interfaith stories from around the world.
  • Aaron's Beard: Worship ideas and Sunday prayers. Celtic prayers and healing services. Church growth ideas and congregational devotions. Sunday worship for growing churches. Prayers of confession, illumination, intercession and thanksgiving. Advent and Lent, Easter and Christmas.
  • Stushie's Art
  • Celtic Devotions: Christian devotions with a Celtic flavor to them, written by a Scottish pastor, serving in the US Bible Belt.
and several more sites (see link above).

Thank you for all your work, Stushie.

May the hills lie low,
May the sloughs fill up,
In thy way.
May all evil sleep,
May all good awake,
In thy way.
(From Mystery on the Isle of Skye” by Phyllis A. Whitney)


Doug Hagler said...

That's too bad - happy 'retirement' though Stushie. Just not finding the time? Or are you changing venues?

stinuksuk said...

Will miss you Stushie!! Hope its not because of the GA decisions which still have to be passed by the Presbyteries.
We need to hear all the voices across our denomination. Yours has been special and meaningful.

Robin said...

Thanks for this, Sarahlynn.

Stushie and I do not agree on the GA issues that so trouble him, but I think of him as a friend and enjoy his artwork (some of which has been a great gift to me personally) and his writing. I have wonderful friendships across this particular divide and hope his continues to be one of them.