Monday, March 22, 2010

Welcome Mat

Busybody of The Busybody Presbyterian Clergyman: Thinking and Re-Thinking describes himself as "a Christian minister serving in the Presbyterian Church (USA), a husband, a father, a lover, and a sinner, held close by family and friends, nurtured by faith, led by love."

"This is a blog of God's opinions. They are expressed through my words and my voice, as if through a glass darkly. Which is to say, God wouldn't touch these opinions with a ten-foot pole. But She's quite satisfied to see me trying hard, thinking harder, and succeeding hardest (if that makes any sense.)

In between the thinking and the re-thinking, I am a husband and a father of two beautiful daughters. I enjoy a good flick, a few good beers, and a few too many slices of pizza. I try my hand at playing the guitar, and sometimes get mildly emotional when a song lyric touches my heart. Reading is a pleasure, trying an idea on for good measure is a joy, and understanding is divine. I enjoy hiking and biking, but I confess I say them more often than I do them (a lot more often). I have served churches large and small, accomplished much, and failed too many times to count. I have encountered lots of saints, lots of sinners, and have discovered that each can teach me a thing or two.

I find that a lot of people I meet and know are still figuring out this thing called life. I'm a searcher, a journeyman in the best sense. However naive it seems, I truly believe there's a purpose for me. Call it providence or predestination or whatever, I'm trying to attach myself to it. Every so often, I'm reminded of a little thing called grace, and I'm called home to a place of peace and centeredness (even if everything else is in chaos).

That's me in a nutshell.

Sometimes I'm on the ball. Sometimes I'm a little rusty. More often than not, I'm a busybody."


Stushie said...

Any room for Christ in your bold statement, or are you a Presbyterian Deist?

Sarahlynn said...
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Sarahlynn said...

Stushie, how about room for charity in interactions with others?