Monday, October 19, 2009

The First Shall Be Last

[Fair warning that grand sarcasm follows... ]

"The First Shall be Last..."  That's not fair!  Why do the first have to be last!?  Just because they have wealthy parents who take care of them and raised them to believe they were entitled to everything they wanted, why does that leave them cursed to be last in the Kingdom?

The Lark has a pointed headline story along these lines about some poor well-to-do children that are being mistreated by parents who are more interested in impoverished children around the world than they are in their own children! 

What's the world coming to that these innocent well-off kids can't even take a vacation to Hawaii because their parents are spending so much sponsoring poor children that wouldn't even appreciate Hawaii if they got to go.  I'm not sure that's the justice that Jesus had in mind.

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