Thursday, March 05, 2009

Read and Learn -- ITunes

I suggested to Grace that I should do a review of religious materials and applications available for the Blackberry and iPhone -- I kind of thought that would make me get around to loading Mobi Reader on my Blackberry. Oh, how naive I was. That would have been the world's longest blog post. So, here is the first installment -- church stuff and iTunes -- no iphone required.

There are three main areas in iTunes to discuss: 1. Podcasts, 2. iTunes U; and 3. Applications. Only the third, applications requires an iphone or itouch. The other two can work with any mp3 player. Oh, and I am leaving out the music. I figure if you really need me to tell you that iTunes has Christian music available -- you probably aren't able to read this without help, anyway.

So, let's start with Podcasts. If you go to iTunes, select Podcasts and then narrow down to Religion and Spirituality; you still get way more Podcasts than I ever want to listen to. However, if you would rather listen to the Bible than read it (or need resources for someone who has little or no sight), you can listen to the Bible in a year (1 year Daily Audio Bible) -- or in five years (Thru the Bible at Oneplace). You can also get help memorizing Biblical passages (The Scripture Memory Podcast). You can check out the new and notable; do a search on a favorite writer, preacher or both (John Piper, Joyce Meyer, Mark Driscoll, R.C. Sproul, Andy Stanley, and pages more). There are literally screen after screen of religious or spiritual podcasts, most of which are Christian. They run the gamut from emergent and liberal to scary, right-wing to Joel Osteen (who I think should be in a class by himself).

The podcasts loaded on my ipod at the moment include Pray-as-you-go (English Jesuits) and more John Ortberg sermons than I will ever get listened to.

What's on your mp3 player?


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