Monday, September 15, 2008

A Few New Friends

Adullams Cave: Musings of a PC(U.S.A.) pastor who finds himself among those gathered for refuge in "Adullam's Cave": those "distressed" with the state of the church, those in "debt" to live out the gospel as fully as they can, and those "discontented" with what passes for church growth and renewal in our time (see I Samuel 22:1-2) by Lee, from Wylie, Texas, United States.
"I'm a fifty-something emergent-missional-reformed-anabaptist-liturgical Presbyterian pastor-teacher-writer-theologian who is neither an optimist nor pessimist about the church. I believe that Jesus was raised from the dead and that is what is what anchors my journey through ministry and life."

Gulf Shores Steven’s Weblog: Rooted in faith, open to the Spirit, curious about everything. "I’m a pastor, husband, father of two, amature musician, and curious about just about everything. I love teaching the Bible, which I did at the Evangelical Theological Faculty (undergrad and a bit grad) in Croatia as a mission worker for the Presbyterian Church (USA) for a decade. Before that I served two years in Romania. Now my teaching is in the context of a faith community, a local congregation; they are very patient with me. I love them."

The Practical Disciple: Practical how-to help on growing spiritually.. John Arnold says: "I am a pastor, spouse, parent of two great children and great big kid at heart. I love making faith practical. My most profound experiences of God have been through prayer, studying scripture, service and observing nature. So anything I can do to help people practical experience God through these areas, is what I am about."

Welcome, all! Thank you for joining us.

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