Monday, August 27, 2007

Monday Question . . . . Gut Check

This week's Monday question is thanks to Rev Bill
  • Am I listening to the voice of God?
  • Am I taking risks?
  • Am I understanding how big God is?
  • Am I surrounding myself with the right people?
  • Am I giving it my best?
Rev Bill got these from another web page, and they are labeled as gut checks for ministers. He points out, rightly, that they make a good gut check for all of us who follow God.

I do think I'm listening, but I'm spending way too much time creating inventive ways out of taking real risks.
Do I understand how big God is? I cannot imagine, but that doesn't stop me from wanting a God just big enough to buy my arguments and do exactly what I want.
The right people -- no. This question is way too timely.
Am I giving it my best? Oh, please. I'm not even going there.

How about you?



Ryan Pappan said...

My answer to most of these questions would be, no. I am risky at best. I pray that I find the strength and courage to give my best. I am afraid of an intimate God.

Stushie said...

God is big enough to save the world and small enough to know my name.