Saturday, April 28, 2007

Sunday Devotional? What's wrong with Emergent?

John 10:30 “I and the Father are one." (NIV)

I having trouble with the Emergent Church. It’s not the new things that are emerging, nor the innovations emergent people are making. It’s the word – emergent.

I’ve been so conditioned by gender neutrality that I can’t accept the suffix ‘gent.’ That’s a masculine term and I’m really surprised that the enlightened emergents and emerlassies are sticking with it.

So, I started to change the word. I began with emerhuman and then realized that I had the same problem – human ends with man. Well duh! Back to the drawing board.

So I tried the neutral emerperson and then it hit me – person ends with son…another masculine term!

Then I tried to settle on emerbeing, which kind of has a ring to it, but then I thought about all those who are into good works, wouldn’t they want to be called emerdoings?

That didn’t help either….I started to pronounce it as emer doing …like Gerald McBoing Boing.

So I’m left wondering should it be emerist instead of emergent, or would that cause a new schism called emerism? And what about the ‘me’ in the middle of the word? Isn’t that being selfish? Surely it should be ‘we’…which would end up looking like ewerist, but that sounds like someone who is into Greek vases, or worse still, it’s a female sheep.

So, I’m having trouble with the Emergent church. Apart from laying off the Eucharistic Koolaid, does anyone have any suggestions?

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Pappy McVulgar said...

I am not sure when the devotional part comes in?

I think the Emerging Conversation is a valuable process in which the Reformation continues to transform the church.

Stushie said...'s satire. It's not about the Emergent church, it's about how we get so entrenched and divided over the exact use of church language.

Pappy McVulgar said...

I agree that language is far too often used to divide and opress others inside and outside of the church. Language hurts people. This is why I am going to get an implant allowing me to red minds and speak via brain waves. That will fix everything.

Stushie said...

If you get two for the price of one, send one out to me too, Pappy.

LandonSandy said...

Very Funny!

Pappy McVulgar said...

Stushie I will send you the one I got for free.

Sarah Louise said...

This was great!


an emerlassie.