Monday, February 19, 2007

Hump Day Prayer . . . Ash Wednesday

God says: My people complain to me:

We have fasted to please you, Lord,
but you have not noticed.
We have bowed low to the ground in prayer,
but you have not troubled to even look.

Tell my people this:

You fast to impress yourselves, not me,
you fast yet still oppress your employees.
You fast religiously yet remain bullies at heart,
you are verbally violent or even use your fists.
This fasting of yours is just an act,
it will never impress me.

Do you really think I care
if you make a big show of humility?
If you kow-tow to the ground
and spread sackcloth and ashes?
Do you dare call that a real fast,
and think I will find it acceptable?

Now listen to me:

This is the kind of fasting I choose:
cut the bonds of oppression,
undo the yoke of injustice,
set the oppressed free,
and break every yoke into pieces.
Share you bread with the hungry
open your doors to the homeless.
Give your coat to those who shiver,
and don’t spurn your poorer relatives.

Do this and light shall begin to dawn,
and very quickly healing shall be yours,
my righteousness shall go ahead of you,
and my glory shall follow your every step.
Then you will call out for help, and I will answer,
I will say to you, “Here I am, my child.”
(B.D. Prewer 2006)


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Just Curious - when did presbyterians begin to celebrate Ash Wednesday; does it not clash with reformed principles?