Monday, November 20, 2006

Monday Question of the Week . . . Elder Issues

John Shuck from Shuck and Jive writes:
We are in the process of getting new elders for the coming year. But how do we minister to those elders who have served (in some cases six years) and are now going off the session? In my experience, I have lost some of them from the church altogether. They were used to being incredibly active, in the loop and so forth. I almost think we need a twelve step approach for those recovering from Session! Seriously, what have you found to enable those active elders who now are suddenly inactive (as session members) interested and active?


Anonymous said...

Why are they leaving the church? Could it be more than burnout? What might the church be doing to drive them away?

Anonymous said...

Once an Elder Always and Elder is what I was led to believe and still do. Involve them even though they are not on the active board by asking them to serve communion and other tasks. You do not have to be on the active Session to participate in service